What type of felt does Limpia Creek Hats use for its custom hats?

Limpia Creek Hats uses only the highest quality of beaver fur felt. Our Limpia 100 is made of 100 percent pure beaver fur felt.

What is felt?

Felt comes from the process of felting, which uses different types of materials such as cotton, wool, silk and fur. Hats are made from the “felting” of fur fibers verses using “pelt” as in a fur coat. The fur fibers are woven together in such a fashion as cotton candy or a roll of cotton.

How are Limpia Creek hats made?

Limpia Creek Custom Hats are made by hand, one at a time, right here in Texas. The entire process from start to finish takes approximately 40 hours per hat. Some may take longer, depending on the customers needs.

Each hat body is hand picked by our staff in accordance to the customer’s order. The hat body is matched with the correct “hat block,” after which the hat is blocked, the crown is ironed and sanded, the brim flanged, ironed and sanded, and finally, the finishing touches of adding the sweatband, liner and hat dressing are performed.

Although we have many quality control check points, the final quality control stop is with the shaping of the hat before shipping to customers worldwide.

How do I know which hat shape I want?

Many customers send pictures or look at our brochure for ideas. You can also spot the hat you like by watching a movie, which Limpia Creek Hats can refer to as well. You can also pin-point a celebrity hat style, and we can re-create it from photos. Each hat is shaped by hand. We do not use any pressing or shaping blocks. Therefore, no two hats are alike.

Why do I see spot color variations on my hat?

Limpia Creek Hats does not use any color cosmetics on our hats. We do not use powders or dyes to make the hat appear “absolutely perfect” in color. Any color or fur variations in our hats are of the natural fiber itself.

What if I get caught in the rain and my hat gets wet?

Since Limpia Creek Hats uses only beaver and rabbit fur felt without cosmetics, it will not hurt your hat to get wet, or even drenched. We actually prefer that you wear your hat in the rain, and do not cover it with plastic or a rain cover.

When you get out of the rain, just hang it up to dry. Try not to touch your hat too much and don’t change the crease. Just let it dry naturally, and if necessary, re-shape after it has dried.

Do you perform hat renovations?

Limpia Creek Hats will do complete renovations on any felt hat. We will advise you if your hat is not a good candidate for a complete renovation. There are times when “other company’s” felt hat will lose some coloring, due to the cosmetics washing off, or the brim may shrink up to 1/4 inch in size. The crown may also lower (shrink) by 1/4 of an inch as well. Most hats can be renovated up to two times.

How do I know what size of hat I wear?

Limpia Creek Hats will send a paper tape measure that you can use to measure your head to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. We ask that you measure your head exactly where the sweatband will rest on your head. We will then divide that measurement by pie (3.14) to determine your hat size. We will also ask you to describe your head shape. For example: Oval, round, x-long oval, etc. We would also like to know what size of hat you have ordered in the past, and if it was a comfortable fit or if you had difficulties when buying or wearing a felt hat.